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New Balance elite running tech video

I oversaw the development of a series of videos designed to educate sales reps and store owners about the technologies and benefits of New Balance elite runner shoes. Our team, which included a videographer, a 3D animator and a motion graphics specialist, created a production process using a combination of physical shoe prototypes and parts, 3D modeling and animation, motion graphics and static graphic elements.

Video production, process development, graphic design, art direction, script editing, music selection and voiceover direction

New Balance brand promo videos

Promotional videos produced for New Balance to be shown in their brand shops aboard Royal Caribbean's fitness-focused Freedom-class ships. These videos, featuring clips from a number of corporate initiatives and sponsored events, tell the story of the brand's commitment to social responsibility and promoting fitness across the country. 

Video production, graphic design, art direction and music selection

MFA Boston exhibit video

Games for the Gods was an exhibit created to showcase the Museum's collection of ancient Greek art depicting and celebrating the original Olympic Games. This video was commissioned as an additional educational component to help visitors better understand and appreciate the collection. It included 3D visualizations of the complex and temples as they appeared in ancient times.

Video production, research, graphic design, art direction, animation concepting and music selection

Ace Surgical Supply tradeshow video

This animation was created to run on video screens flanking the company's booth at trade shows throughout the year to help educate attendees about the Ace line of oral surgery products and their benefits.

Video production, research, graphic design, animation concepting and art direction

Dana Farber fundraising video

This video was produced to raise funds and create awareness in support of the fledgling support programs specifically targeted toward young adults

Video production, research, graphic design, art direction and music selection

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